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Mega Pack – CAD Resitential Furnishing

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Elevate your architectural representations and marketing materials to a whole new level of professionalism and visual appeal, leaving a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders. With our Residential Furnishing Mega Pack, you can effortlessly create precise residential architectural illustrations, including floor plans and elevation views.

🏡 Key Features:


● Includes 610 Ready-to-Use AutoCAD Blocks, both colored and non-colored versions.

● Each CAD block is meticulously dimensioned according to standard measurements commonly used in interior architecture design.

● No need to worry about rescaling – our blocks are ready to use out of the box, saving you time and effort

● Intuitively designed for ease of use, streamlining your design process. Designed for architects, interior designers and home design enthusiasts.

● Each of our items are created as individual blocks to be used alone or together with other blocks.

● Includes two AutoCAD files: Imperial and Metric systems, ensuring compatibility with your preferred units of measurement.

SVG files for Adobe Illustrator are also included, providing additional flexibility for your design workflow.

● Created in AutoCAD 2007.

📦 What’s Inside:

✅Bed Types, Nightstands and Lamps ✅Sofa Types and Coffee Tables ✅Televisions Types and Tv Stands ✅ Dining Tables (Round, Square and Rectangle) Dining Chairs ✅Fridges, Stoves, Range Ovens, Wall Ovens, Cooktops and Kitchen Sinks ✅Bathroom Sinks, Toilets, Bidet and Vanities, ✅Bathtubs, Shower Bases and Shower Heads ✅Home office, chairs, laptops, indoor plants, decoration and more.


Includes the following AutoCad Bundles:

∙ Bed Type 2A (38 Blocks)
∙ Sofa Couch 1B (34 Blocks)
∙ Tv Stands and Coffee Table 1 (88 Blocks)
∙ Dinning Tables Rectangle 1A (24 Blocks)
∙ Dinning Tables Square and Round 1A (28 Blocks)
∙ Kitchen Appliances 1 (68 Blocks)
∙ Kitchen Refrigerators 1 (42 Blocks)
∙ Bathroom Sinks and Toilets 1 (74 Blocks)
∙ Bathtubs and Showers 1 (56 Blocks)
∙ Interior Plants 2 (28 Blocks)
∙ Home Office 1 (70 Blocks)
∙ Interior Decoration 1 (60 Blocks)

Measuring System

Both: Metric and Imperial.

Type of files

Both: DWG and SVG.

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