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Sofa Couch 0

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Each of our items are created as individual blocks to be used alone or together with other blocks.

The blocks are ready to use and there is no need to re-scale. It Includes two AutoCAD files: Imperial and Metric system. SVG files for adobe illustrator are also included.

Created in AutoCAD 2007.

Includes the following AutoCad Blocks:

∙ Sofa 00_1 Armchair (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Sofa 00_1 Seat (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Sofa 00_2 Seats (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Sofa 00_3 Seats (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Sofa 00_3 Seats+Chaise (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Sofa 00_4 Seats (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Sofa 00_L Shape (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Coffeetable 00A (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Coffeetable 00B (Top view) (1 Block)
∙ Tv Set 00 (Top view) (1 Block)

Includes the following Dynamic AutoCad Blocks:

∙ Dynamic Sofa 0.Top View (1 Seat+2 Seats+3 Seats+3 Seats Chaise+L Shape) (Top View) (1 Blocks)

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Measuring System

Both: Metric and Imperial.

Type of files

Both: DWG and SVG.

Download Instructions

Click the download link and extract the ZIP file once it’s downloaded. Inside, you will find two AutoCAD files (Imperial and metric system unit options) and one SVG vector file compatible with many graphic design programs like adobe Illustrator.

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License agreement

By purchasing or downloading products from our website, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the products for personal or commercial purposes. You can incorporate the files into your designs, but you don’t own them and can’t sell them to third parties, unless you get a written consent to distribute the products.

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