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Handicap bathroom stalls, Dimensions.

$ 2.50

This set includes top and elevation views of standard accessible bathroom stalls for wheelchair users according to regulations. Includes: Door dimensions, entrance clearances, circulation and grab bars positions.

The blocks are ready to use and there is no need to re-scale. It Includes two AutoCAD files: Imperial and Metric system. SVG files are also included.

Created in AutoCAD 2007.

Includes the following AutoCad Blocks:

Top and elevation views of a public toilet and grab bars, along with drawings of standard dimensions for handicap toilet compartments.

Measuring System

Both: Metric and Imperial.

Type of files

Both: DWG and SVG.

License agreement.

When you purchase any BlocksNorcam digital products, you receive a Single Person use license for personal or commercial use. You can incorporate the files into your designs, but you don't own them and can't sell them to third parties, unless they are Incorporated in your own design project. The license is non-transferable, and you must get written consent to distribute the files.

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